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SANEP Slovakia is a sister organization of the Czech SANEP company, SANEP (The Centre for Analysis and Empirical Studies). This is the first and only on-line internet research centre for public opinion within the Czech Republic. It is absolutely unique and well organised in accessing key information from more than 200, 000 registered members that are taking part on specific surveys and that are precisely divided into the age, social and interest groups. Professional analytical background of SANEP research company unables for any client in few hours to discover opinions of a respondent group on actual problems and specific questions.

SANEP is an exclusive partner of The University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of International Relations and the Governance Research Project in the context of a globalized society and economy. Next to that it is a member of international alliance of research agencies AIMRI, Alliance of International Market Research Institutes. As a member of AIMIRI, SANEP complies with the ICC/ESOMAR international code of standards in the market and social research which sets the standards of conduct during the performance of surveys.

SANEP Slovakia was founded due to high interest of slovakian sponsors and respondents that have signed in and registered to a voting survey of SANEP. To this day respondent group of SANEP Slovakia has more than 25, 000 registered users.

Main advantages of the research panel of the SANEP concern is its fast and enormous respondent group of public, that can be arbitrarily identified according to the clients needs.

SANEP can within few hours find and process information from any group of public, in desired part of our region, and precisly according to a target group, that is to be questioned and whose opinions are important for a given research project.

According to the level of interest and needs it is possible to assign a longterm research that may be assigned weekly or monthly, and accordingly from reguested amount of respondents. In case of everyday research SANEP Slovakia is able to get reach of information from more then 15 thousand respondents that is highly accurate and has big sifnificants for analytical results.

Important part and advantage, in comparison with other competitive market research companies, is extraordinary speed and amount of respondents. Availability price of our services that does not effect on quality level of our services. To comletely summarise SANEP offers uniquely precise services that can play essential significance for addressing a given group of respondents.

SANEP next to social research also specialises on opinions of a certain group aged from 18 to 35 years and also specialises on university students. Since we co-orporate with universities we have available dispositions of absolutely unique information from all kinds of areas of human actions and interests.

SANEP with its diversity looks for information from a group that has been hardly studied on a sociological level that is communicating with the world threw internet virtual reality and its amount represents the biggest productive part of domestic population.

SANEP developed its own methodological procedures that are based on abroad and domestic knowledge and has decided as a first one to input on a virtual land that is already today exploided by our largest population.

Next to its research survey is also targeting on guidence in marketing and communication strategies.

In the area of research within public opinion we are able to find information from political, cultural, social areas, economic, health, housing area, consumer environment, industry, education, philosophy, science and research, etc.

SANEP has three basic divisions: SANEP Social, SANEP Market and SANEP Public.

SANEP is a member of an international alliance of research agencies called AIMRI, (Alliance of International Market Research Institutes), that has main base in London and whose members create more then hundred renowned world research organisations from 27 regions in the world.

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